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DuaFlower Testimonials

Feedbacks from lovely customers
"My Dua Flower photography brings the beauty of spring indoors year round! I just love them. They’re so versatile - when I switch up my decor with the seasons, the photography compliments every color scheme. I hang three in my guest room and my guests consistently ask after them - but DuaFlower is my little secret!"
Yours Truly, Alyson Hunter
“Diane is a truly gifted photographer with an amazing eye. Diane is an artist in every sense of the word. Her ability to bring out the beauty of any object is astounding. Her work is fantastic to look at it and is constantly re-inventing her style and her work gets better and better with every year.”
Sandor Max
Great Job!!!  We are so excited to order the peony picture.  Thanks for taking the time to figure out the dimensions and giving us a view on the wall.   You are truly a professional. Thanks for the extra effort - we will enjoy your talent again."
Jim Kehr
"I recently moved into a new apartment, and was trying to find a way to brighten it up and add my personality to the decorating. DuaFlower was the perfect solution! I contacted the website and told them my size requirements, furniture style and my own personal style, and they came back within 24 hours with suggestions of prints that sounded like a good match. I selected three framed prints from the 'Abstract Collection' to go over my sofa - perfect size and perfect 'feeling' - the finishing touches to my apartment!"
Joanna Green, NYC
"These photographs/ideas are absolutely fabulous.  Thank you for putting them together for me. I am very excited! Thank you, and looking forward to purchasing some more of your beautiful photographs."
Cathy Doucette
"Diane's pictures are amazing. They really light up a room and she is very helpful with suggestions and ideas for what will work."
Cathy Steege
"A few years ago I was in NYC and came across your beautiful work. I still love the hydrangea print I got from you.. It is admired by so many when they come to my home. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!"
Connie Cereola
"Hello Diane! I simply love your work. A vacation just browsing your site. I have a client who is moving on to a new job and wanted to get her a framed photo from you, probably 8x10. She loves peonies and hydrangea. She and I did our first project together 10 years ago in NY. I bought a sunflower photo of yours then and have in my office. I will purchase one photo, matte and frame: Photos being considered are: Peony Vivid #1 Madame Butterfly #3 Dinner Plate It will be just a single photo. She is a happy, fun loving “PINK” person. Which one do you prefer and can I get it matted and framed? It will send to Pennyslvania."
Susan Lydon