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North Woods ‘WaterLily Lake’

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Photographing Nature is a reflection of the divine. I photographed these images in The North Woods, Wisconsin, while boating on a beautiful lake. It’s such a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and at the same time an exciting environment where everything moves, and the shape of the water is decisive on how the light passes through it. I never truly know what kind of treasure my camera’s lens will pick up when shooting a water plant. The crinkle patterns, cathedral light, snell’s circle and diffusion adds new dimensions to photographs and water plays with the flowers like a magical mirror, reflecting, refracting and scattering colors and shapes.

All of my fine art prints are of the highest quality – Printed on Premium Luster or 100% Cotton Paper with archival pigment ink and conservation framing. I personally print & sign each piece.

• Print size – 5.5” x 3.5”
• Frame size – 38.5″ x 10.5″
• Framed in rustic wood
• Printed on Premium Luster paper with archival pigment ink

• For pricing & availability, please go to our Contact page

All images are the property of Diane Dua and are protected under United States and International copyright law. The photographs may not be reproduced, stored, or manipulated without the written permission of the photographer.
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